FASHION AND IDENTITY – You are what you wear?!?!?!

For the past two months the Goethe Institute Cairo was organising the extra-ordinary event “Fashion and Identity”, consisting of several workshops involving many Egyptian students,  African refugees, artists of all kind, designers and me as a photographer.
German-Libanese fashion designer Hudda Chukri gave a workshop to fashion design students of the fashion design department of Helwan University. SAWA workshop of the Townhouse Gallery involved refugees in their work. Students of the German University of Cairo created a new gallabeya style and decorated a shop window in Cairo Downtown. Me and five Egyptian design students roamed Cairo’s streets in search of the latest fashion and created the first street fashion blog CAIRO LOOKS in the Middle East with our findings that we feed weekly with new entries. So far the blog is in German and Arabic but we are working on the English version as the blog gets so much international and media attention.
Last weekend was the big show down, THE Fashion Night. One of the best events Cairo has ever seen, no exaggeration here!!!! Who thought until now that Egyptian fashion designers are sitting quietly in their studios designing headscarf designs was proven WRONG! To mesmerising “Zar” music performed by Mazaher combined with trance beats by DJ Haze stunning models of all skin colours did the catwalk showing off the most experimental dresses one could imagine. And no, BIG NO actually, this did NOT take place in an exclusive, only the rich can enter type of place. It took place in a ramshackle garage, emptied just for this one night, in the heart of Downtown. It was a true cultural fusion!001-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens003-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens005-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens006-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens004-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens027-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens026-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens007-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens012-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens013-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens009-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens029-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens022-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens032-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                 The latest, extremely sexy, terrorist outfit!

 021-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                  Mazaher playing “Zar” music.

017-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens            And the Sudanese band VIP makes the girls go gooogoooo and gaga..

024-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens016-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens         Nothing wrong with being political!

011-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                    GRACE!



028-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                    more GRACE!

008-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                 and eternal beauty!

014-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens010-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens015-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens018-fashion-night-by-claudia-wiens                The ultimate Mercedes add.


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