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Foto8 Summershow

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2010 by claudiawiens

MAGNUM photographer Mark Power chose my photo that is exhibited in foto8 summer show at HOST Gallery as his favourite:

Judges noted a number of strong portraits in this year’s selection of work, and a few in particular were the centre of much debate. One such work, ‘Lonely Butterfly’ by Claudia Wiens, was Mark Power’s personal choice:

“I think this is an outstanding single image – the criteria we were judging against. It works on many levels. Firstly, it speaks about a clash of cultures, and suggests why Turkey’s aspirations to join the European Union meet such vehement opposition in certain circles. It’s also a picture about tourism, and how it appropriates a place for it’s own ends, but at some cost to the existing culture. Finally, it’s visually quite confusing; the vignetting, which suggests it’s taken on a cheap, possibly plastic camera, has caused a strange flattening of the surface, so the woman seems to be standing in front of a backdrop. In other words, the camera has transformed the reality of the situation into a picture which is not, on first viewing, what it seems.”

Whole article can be found here