Fotoworkshop in Istanbul

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Istanbul Fotoworkshop mit Andrea Künzig und Claudia Wiens
Istanbul 12.9.2013 – 16.9.2013

Meine Kollegin Andrea Künzig und ich leben und arbeiten seit mehreren Jahren in Istanbul. Wir bieten im September 2013 einen 5-tägigen Workshop in der Metropole an. Zusammen bringen wir fast 40 Jahre internationale Fotografie-Arbeitserfahrung mit und möchten diese mit fotobegeisterten Menschen teilen. Alle Details kann man einsehen unter

002 Istanbul, Hidrellez Festival, gypsie band playing, by Claudia Wiens

© Claudia Wiens

istanbul© Andrea Künzig

035 Istanbul, people having fun at Suada Club, by Claudia Wiens

© Claudia Wiens

istanbul© Andrea Künzig


© Claudia Wiens


© Andrea Künzig


2 Responses to “Fotoworkshop in Istanbul”

  1. Hi Claudia, Interesting to see how your career has developed. I had no clue you had shifted to Turkey from Egypt and conducted a workshop in Istanbul in May. I narrowly missed it as I was there myself during the same time. Anyhow, please let me know when & where do you plan to have another photography workshop in near future.

    FYI, I am based in Qatar these days. Let me know if you have any visits lined up.

    All the best


    • Hello Raza, please excuse my super late reply. It is so lovely to hear from you. Yes, I’m now in Istanbul, but still go regularly to Egypt or travel to other countries in the region. If you ever pass through Istanbul let me know, it wouldbe nice to meet you again. Take care, Claudia

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