Photography, Yoga, Meditation and Sound – A Photography Workshop only for Women

1000 years of Arab rule left beautiful traces in Seville. Join me with your camera in my photography-yoga-workshop and I will introduce you to Seville’s visual richness. 2nd – 6th Oct 2018. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!!! Only few places left.

Seville is a gem for photographers. You can find really quirky architecture leftover from the EXPO 1992, old tradition buidings, Arab style remnants, lively markets, beautiful parks. And it has this really special light that intensifies colours or gives them a certain glow.

The Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo ’92) took place from Monday, April 20 to Monday, October 12, 1992 on La Isla de La Cartuja (Cartuja Island), Seville, Spain. The theme for the Expo was “The Age of Discovery” and over 100 countries were represented. Expo’92 was organized to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus (1492-1992). Expo’92 Seville was widely known for its massive site, held at the Isla de la Cartuja, reputed site of reference for Columbus for his voyage to the New World, and required at least several days to visit most of the Pavilions. It was also known for its numerous spectacular gates and bridges, and the diversity of transport within the Expo site from bus to ferry boat, to cable car and monorail. It also gave an impressive architectural tour of the world, with many countries vying for the position of the most inventive or creative Pavilion structure – outstanding amongst these was the Pavilion of Japan – the world’s largest wooden structure, the Pavilion of Morocco, a re-creation of a Moroccan Palace-Mansion, and the modernistic cube and sphere of the flagship Spanish Pavilion, to name a few. The most popular pavilions with visitors were those of Spain and Canada.

What? Photography workshop in which we use yoga, meditation and sound as tools to set creative processes in motion, to create ideal conditions for inspiration and to train our visual perception.

For whom? Passionate photographers who want to expand their photography skills and increase their creativity. Previous yoga experience or meditation skills are not required. Basic knowledge of photography and knowledge of handling your own camera is necessary.

Where? Seville, Andalusia, Spain.

When? From 2nd to 6th October 2018.

How much? 490,00 € (accommodation and flight are not included).

To bring with you: Own camera, tripod (if available), laptop with photo-editing software, yoga mat, comfortable clothes.

Fotoworkshops in Sevilla / Photo Workshops in Seville 2018


Ich wünsche Euch Allen ein wunderbares neues Jahr! Es wird für mich ein spannendes Jahr werden, da ich einige neue Dinge ausprobieren werde. Heute möchte ich Euch gerne mein neues Fotoworkshop-Konzept für den kommenden Herbst 2018 vorstellen. Ich biete einen Fotografieworkshop an in dem wir Yoga, Meditation und Klang als Hilfsmittel benutzen um kreative Prozesse in Gang zu setzen, ideale Voraussetzungen für Inspiration zu schaffen und unsere visuelle Wahrnehmungsgabe zu schulen.

Vielleicht fragt Ihr Euch nun „Was haben Fotografie und Meditation und Yoga miteinander zu tun“. Das klingt im ersten Moment vielleicht ungewöhlich, ist aber naheliegender als man annehmen mag. Bei der Meditation sowie in der Fotografie geht es darum den Moment zu spüren, im Hier und Jetzt voll da zu sein. Meditation hilft uns Konzentration und Geduld zu schulen, essentielle Qualitäten um mit unserer Kamera den richtigen Moment einfangen zu können. Ebenso fördert Yoga in Verbindung mit bewußter Atmung diese Fähigkeit. Unser Atem ist immer im Moment und die Konzentration darauf hilft uns präsent zu bleiben und nicht mit jedem auftauchenden Gedanken irgendwohin abzuschweifen. Yoga und Meditation eignen sich also als wunderbare Mittel um Fähigkeiten wie Konzentration, Achtsamkeit und bewußtes Wahrnehmen zu fördern und damit kreative Prozesse in Gang zu setzen. Zudem werde ich an manchen Tagen Klangreisen/Meditation mit Klangschalen und Gong anbieten. Lauschen, spüren, wahrnehmen, sich einlassen auf die wunderschönen Klänge obertonreicher Instrumente wie Klangschalen und Gong führen zu einer sofortigen tiefen mentalen und körperlichen Entspannung. Die harmonischen Klänge beruhigen den Geist und schaffen so die besten Voraussetzungen für Inspiration und Kreativität.

Ich biete diesen Fotoworkshop zweimal im Okt 2018 an, einmal nur für Frauen und einmal offen für alle. Detaillierte Informationen dazu gibt es auf meiner Website .  Und weitere Infos über meinen Yogaunterricht und Klangmassagen gibt es auf

I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year! It will be an exciting one for me as I’m going to try a few new things. Today I would like to introduce my new photography workshop concept to you. I’m offering a photography workshop in which we use yoga, meditation and sound as tools to set creative processes in motion, to create ideal conditions for inspiration and to train our visual perception.

You may ask, “What do photography, meditation and yoga have in common?”. It might sound unusual at first, but their connection is stronger than you may have realized. Both meditation and photography are about being in the moment, being completely in the here and now. Meditation helps us to train concentration and patience – essential qualities to be able to capture the right moment with our camera. Yoga, combined with conscious breathing, also promotes these abilities and techniques. Our breath is always in the present moment, and concentration on the breath helps us to stay present and not be distracted by every emerging thought. Therefore, yoga and meditation are ideal ways to promote skills such as concentration, mindfulness and conscious awareness, and thus initiate creative processes. Additionally, on some days I will offer Sound Journeys / Sound Meditations with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Listening, feeling, perceiving and surrendering to the wonderful sounds and vibrations of instruments rich in overtones (such as singing bowls and gongs) lead to an immediate deep mental and physical relaxation. The harmonious sounds calm the mind and create the best conditions for inspiration and creativity.

I’m offering this workshop twice in October 2018, once only for women and a second time open to everybody. You can find all details on my website . Further info about my yoga classes and sound massages can be found on