On 28th June 2015 the Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul was scheduled to take place like every year since 2003. It was to start at 5pm but already much earlier in the day I was surprised by the amount of police men, water canon’s and tear gas equipment around the whole centre of Istanbul. When I arrived at Taksim Square at 4.45 pm all was peaceful, but there was more police than participants. I was a bit weary but decided to take photos nevertheless. First I discovered a group of Syrians chanting for their personal freedom, rights and safety. I took photos of them for a little while and then moved on a few meters when suddenly the police started pushing us towards Istiklal Street and Siraselviler Street. I could smell teargas but thought I must imagine that untill I heard people around me also coughing. The police made a wall with their plastic shields and shoved and pushed us. As I felt this was a trap and something had started to go terribly wrong I tried to get behind the police rows but they would not let me through. Their faces were full of hate! I felt quite panicky being brutality shoved forwards. Finally I was eye to eye with a human police men who also had fear and not hatred in his face, who quickly moved a bit to let me through. I was relieved. But unfortunately many other people got trapped and were teargased and attacked by water canons and rubber bullets. In the meantime police had closed all side streets of Istiklal Street in order to hinder people joining the march. I later learned that the 2015 Istanbul LGBTI Pride March has been banned at the last minute and without prior notice by the Istanbul Governorship on account of Ramadan. But LOVE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I recently discovered INSTAGRAM as a nice “toy” to use photography in a different way. More playful, more spontanious, somewhat lighthearted, pretty and emotional. I can be creative in a different way. You can follow me @claudiawiens on instagram. But as not everybody is using instagram I thought it would be nice to share some photos on my blog as well. This post will gradually grow.


©Claudia Wiens
A sandcastle in Valencia003_Istanbul_Seagulls_byClaudiaWiens

©Claudia Wiens
Seagulls following a boat in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
Balloons in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
A Portrait of my cat Selma


©Claudia Wiens
A train ride from Tunis to Gabes


©Claudia Wiens
Tropical island paradise Seychelles


©Claudia Wiens
A fountain in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
Beautiful Bosporus in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
One of the many streetcats in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
Snow in Istanbul


©Claudia Wiens
An aerial shot of Cairo


©Claudia Wiens
More Cairo from above


©Claudia Wiens
Cairo, Nile and Manial, from above


©Claudia Wiens
Queen Selma


©Claudia Wiens


Together with my photo colleague Andrea Künzig I will teach a photography workshop in Istanbul May 2014 (15.05. 2014 -19.05 2014). Registration is open NOW. All information and details under  . So far teaching language is German, but if there should be interest by English speaking people we can definitely offer the workshop in English and German. Please contact me for inquiries.


© Claudia Wiens

Fotoworkshop in Istanbul

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Istanbul Fotoworkshop mit Andrea Künzig und Claudia Wiens
Istanbul 12.9.2013 – 16.9.2013

Meine Kollegin Andrea Künzig und ich leben und arbeiten seit mehreren Jahren in Istanbul. Wir bieten im September 2013 einen 5-tägigen Workshop in der Metropole an. Zusammen bringen wir fast 40 Jahre internationale Fotografie-Arbeitserfahrung mit und möchten diese mit fotobegeisterten Menschen teilen. Alle Details kann man einsehen unter

002 Istanbul, Hidrellez Festival, gypsie band playing, by Claudia Wiens

© Claudia Wiens

istanbul© Andrea Künzig

035 Istanbul, people having fun at Suada Club, by Claudia Wiens

© Claudia Wiens

istanbul© Andrea Künzig


© Claudia Wiens


© Andrea Künzig

FIFA Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is recognized as the most important International competition in women’s football and is played amongst women’s national football teams of the member states of FIFA, the sport’s global governing body. 2011 it is taking place for the first time in Germany. From 26th June to 17th July sixteen teams will compete at the World Cup finals. The Women’s World Cup 2011 is poised to mark a milestone in competitive women’s football with unparalleled coverage on television in terms of both production and distribution. Underlining the huge strides the women’s game has made in recent years, for the first time ever the FIFA broadcast production will comprise up to 18 cameras for selected matches, including in-goal cameras and two steadycams for all matches.
Not only the famous teams need media support and visibility but also less known teams should get some of the spotlight. Since 2006 I have been documenting women’s football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Berlin. This summer the photos will be shown in many photo exhibitions and they will be published in my new book “Schuhgröße 37” (Size 4 Boots), a book in four languages, German, English, Arabic and Turkish.
You can order the book from any online bookshop, e.g.

Berlin: Kreuzbergmuseum, Opening 15th June, 6pm. 15th June to 28th August
Istanbul: Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi, Opening 21st June, 7pm. 21st June to 17th July
Cairo: Sawy Center (Organised by Goethe Institute), Opening 25th June, 7pm. 25th June to 5th July.

The exhibition will be shown as well by the Goethe Institutes in Upper Egypt, Algiers, Khartoum, Ramallah, Beirut, Amman, Damascus and maybe other places. Exact dates need to be confirmed.